About NinjasGrocery.com

NinjasGrocery.com E-Commerce is a company that sells over 5000+ products and more than 300 brands in the online. NinjasGrocery.com digital Hypermarket concept that provides a range of essential household items such as fruits, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, spices, beverages, dried foods, frozen foods, fresh meats, personal care products, health care products, kitchen utensils and all your daily needs.

NinjasGrocery.com mission is to assist and facilitate you to buy daily necessities, without having to go to the store or Supermarket, with buying online.

NinjasGrocery.com offers direct delivery to your home, in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley by the time the delivery was on schedule by the customer and same day delivery.

We provide halal goods, fresh and quality for you from local suppliers and importers known to ensure product quality in sending and receiving customer satisfaction.

NinjasGrocery.com focus on product items and items HALAL quality local products, where these products are hard to get in the big supermarkets in Malaysia. We sell products “The Village” or the Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) by which this product is only available in Market Farmers’ Market or Pasar Malam, but in NinjasGrocery.com we offer these products with easy access to it.

NinjasGrocery.com operated for 365 days and 24 hours a day for your online shopping and delivery service operates from 9am until 6pm and leave on Fridays and public holidays. Service delivery will be enhanced NinjasGrocery.com from time to time and NinjasGrocery.com expect in the future delivery time will be added until the evening.

NinjasGrocery.com provides E-wallet that you can use this service with added value (Top-up) into your personal account. With the E-Wallet you get a lot of advantages and benefits provided by the NinjasGrocery.com with every time you add value (Top-up) E -Wallet, you get 10 bonus points.

Terms of use E-Wallet

– Loans in E-Wallet system should be in use within 1 year.

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